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We follow the tranquility to come to here


because we spend too much time at the city


We love to chase the wave so we come to “Kenting”


We don’t like the crowded beach so we decide to stay here at” Houwan”


 it’s really quiet at here which is different from “Kenting”,this place is like another world to live in our surrounding!


Sometimes as time goes by that we don’t notice that~cause the tranquility


The sunset at ” Houwan” is beautiful which is the same as the fishing village of Houwan


We love the fresh air,mountain and ocean at here!


The growth of “Shepherd and Sea” which is not only for 

becoming a “Hotel”


 We expecting for constructing the castle which is like 

the blueprint from children 



 That is the reason why we often ask to our kids:what is your need?


 “Shepherd and Sea” where is the best place for all travelers,children and family~~~

From west

you will see the diffrent in Kentin

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