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M:Mini Villa 4-8 person

E:ELF Double Room



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Weekday definition: Sunday to Friday

Rates are based on fixed-price, so we don’t have any discount,

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- Wet and dry separation of sanitary / Bali style outdoor bath / living room/Outdoor barbecue area


- Fridge / TV / Air conditioner / Thermos / Wi-Fi / Washing machine


- Shampoo & Conditioner / France platinum natural Marseille soap / large bath towel /Small towel


( We love the earth - So we don’t offer toothbrush / toothpaste / razors and other disposable products,thanks for your cooperatiom)



Others services(when you are booking ,please inform us)


- Baby tub


- Children cutlery


- Baby light stroller


- Barbecue grills


- We can help you to order an electric vehicles (direct access to the car at our hotel)


- We sale Tickets for NMMBA” National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium” (adult 400 dollars/each)


-We also an help you to order the cake or roast ingredients for BBQ


1. No drugs / smoking and betel nuts in the hotel


2. Please take off your shoes when you at the hotel


3. because of the surrounding is natural environment. Please do not throw cigarette butts and garbage


4. Please unplug the washing machine after using


5. Pets are not allowed to enter the room


6. because of the natural environment, there will be a number of small insects at night, if you can not accept it, please do not booking!!


We will keep your reservation two days (includes the day of booking), please repay the 30% deposit within 2days


Payment methods :


Remittance / transfer:Chang Hwa Bank branch Hengchun   Code: 009:


Account: 8348-86-008-296-00


Account Name: Liu Yuan


Please write or E-mail to inform us of your last four digits of the account, for verifying after the transfer:when this 


process has been completed then your booking confirmation will also be completed Credit card


We use the world's largest payment platform PayPal payment, you can pay with safe and security in the charge of housing


- Part of the issuing bank may charge foreign transaction fee of 1.3 to 1.5%, please understand it!!


*** If there is a typhoon or other force which isn’t on schedule, we will refund your deposit, or you can also choose 


another day to stay ***




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